The Underneath by Kathi Appelt. A review.

The Underneath by Kathi Appelt.

This book is different and fabulous!!
It not for every kid. My daughter read it at age 10 and I just finished it with my son in our lit class.
It has some realism in it that some kids may have a hard time with because its a tad realistic! Bad things happen. Animals get hurt and worse. But its a story of prevalence and keeping promises, of moving on. Its a story about love and commitment. It also has some magic to spark the imagination. Its ending is happy and has morals to teach.
It runs not in one direction. It jumps from past to present and past again and from place to place but all comes together eventually. So it can be a hard read for a kid that has a hard time jumping around.

Its also a page turner!! The author did fabulous and making the reader want more. Every page leads to the next. We had a hard time taking it slow. (We studied it as we went)
So I just wanted to share a great read for kids that can handle all the emotions and turmoil along with imagination and excitement.
Oh it also is good for vocabulary as the author uses less common words for common things. 😉

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