Yowling in a pipe!


We heard a sound, a terrible sound of a very upset cat, yowling. The sound was coming from a old stove pipe that was laying across the metal scrap pile. Having feral cats about that dont like humans, we were cautious. It took us a little while to get the cat out of the pipe since we didnt want to just reach in and grab it, risking injury. Upset feral cats with claws and teeth, not something we wanted to experience. We tipped the pipe one way but the cat didnt slide down. We tipped it the other way and still it didn’t slide down. We then shook it a little at a time and the cat slowly moved to the end. Finally after messing around trying to get it within visual reach we saw its fur. Enough of its back was in reach to scuff it. My daughter pulled it out announcing we didn’t need to be so cautious as most likely the little darling couldn’t hurt a fly! I looked and we laughed. A tiny little 6 week old kitten!!!
She is a tiny darling, scared but ok.  We took her up to the house and she will become a part of our house kitty clan. No more feral life for this little bundle.

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