Sewing machines ready!

Happy happy day!!!

I have 2 sewing machines (not counting my serger). Both are over 10 years old, metal geared. Both are Necchi’s. They are almost exact matches internally, except one, the table top version, flat bed, is heavier duty. The other, portable swing arm, is lighter. The flat bed we bought new and the swing arm used, from a friend that bought it from ebay.

The swing arm I love course for light fabric, sleeves, small pieces, and such but the dam thing has been skipping stitches ever since I got it. It was only a little bit once in awhile but over 10 years or so its gotten worse. I am so glad I got pissed off and hit the internet. After a ton of research I found it was the needle bar!! The thing was 1/32 off in height. A quick adjustment, tightened it down, and perfection!!! Yippy!!!! I just got done replacing worn tension springs, a good cleaning and greasing, on both machines, and now I have that arm adjusted and they are back to like new again!!!
I am so glad I DIY and all is purring way. 😀
Happy happy day and happy sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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