Blanket Bag From Scraps, Knitting.

I wanted something to do with some scrap yarn so I whipped out a blanket bag. It small enough to fold up and take with you yet big enough to toss in a few things to keep your hands free when you go.
Just pull 2 or 4 corners of the strap and pull and its a bag!
It was knitted with size 10mm cable needles and double worsted weight yarn. I used two colors together, browns shades with green.
The blanket body is knitted using just knit/purl/yo.The trim going around is crocheted using just dc. The strap is just some bias tape I had laying around.
The blanket is 24″ square.



Toss on your stuff.

Toss on your stuff.

Pull straps on 2 or 4 corners.

Pull straps on 2 or 4 corners.

And go!

And go!

Spindle Make Over!

I decided to give my homemade spindles a make over!
I created my spindles myself. I wanted custom done ones that could spin very light weight fiber as thin as thread. The spindles are made from pine to keep them very light weight.


Old Look


New Look


Sewing machines ready!

Happy happy day!!!

I have 2 sewing machines (not counting my serger). Both are over 10 years old, metal geared. Both are Necchi’s. They are almost exact matches internally, except one, the table top version, flat bed, is heavier duty. The other, portable swing arm, is lighter. The flat bed we bought new and the swing arm used, from a friend that bought it from ebay.

The swing arm I love course for light fabric, sleeves, small pieces, and such but the dam thing has been skipping stitches ever since I got it. It was only a little bit once in awhile but over 10 years or so its gotten worse. I am so glad I got pissed off and hit the internet. After a ton of research I found it was the needle bar!! The thing was 1/32 off in height. A quick adjustment, tightened it down, and perfection!!! Yippy!!!! I just got done replacing worn tension springs, a good cleaning and greasing, on both machines, and now I have that arm adjusted and they are back to like new again!!!
I am so glad I DIY and all is purring way. 😀
Happy happy day and happy sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Homemade spindles!

002Here are my homemade spindles for hand spinning. I made them because I couldn’t find any that were similar to this design. I like that I can evenly fill the space between the disk so I have approximately the same amount of yarn on each spindle. I ply in 3’s and its nice when   the amount of single ply is close. Filling all six spindles results in 2, large, 3 ply balls of yarn.
Transferring the yarn to my wheel for plying is easy. I prefer to hand spin because my spinning can go everywhere I go. I can even spin while riding in the car!


004First cowl scarf I made. Its a hoodie cowl so it covers your entire head and doesn’t slide off. My model is a bit odd but he never complains. The cowl looks better on a human head. 😉

I used my own home spun alpaca yarn. Its very warm too. I used my knit picks cabled knitting needles.


New socks using Magic Loop method!

This was my first time knitting socks. I used my own hand-spun alpaca 3 ply yarn. Spinning is my first love.

I used Knit Picks nickle plated circular needles.

I have Knit Picks full range of sizes including their fixed circulars. I love the quality of Knit Picks and find the price better than the more expensive competitors. I would advise not using a low quality needle such as Boyes circulars. The cables are to stiff to work with. The needles connection to the cables snag and they make a fun and easy task, a frustrating one.

I found a great pattern to use that was perfect for my first time. Its simple and easy to follow. I bought the e-video/book so I would have the videos included in the order of the work. I am completely self taught thanks to the internet.

KnitFreedom has some great patterns. Check out the sock pattern I used. It was so much fun.

What I needed was a heavy, warm, pair of alpaca socks for this winter. I call them my boot socks because that’s what I made them for!! No more cold toes for me when I am out with the sheep during winters fury. 😀