The pet Chickens.

Here are our pet chickens.
Our 2 Sultan hens. They are old girls, 6 years now.

Polish/Sultan cross Roo, 5 years old.
While his girls are out foraging, he sneeks a early afternoon nap in.
The rabbitry is a good quite place to rest.

Some of our chickens.

Silkies, Bantam Cochin and crosses.

King Roo, White Silkie.
He is a good roo. He watches over his ladies and the chicks. He takes them to food he scratches up and calls them inside the coop when danger is near. He is people friendly too.

Blue Splash hen, Silkie cross.
Black Cochin cross hen.

A bundle of broody Silkies and Cochins.

A beautiful Blue/Partridge Silkie cross.

White Silkie hen with a Black Cochin hen.

Buff Silkie.

Black Cochin.

Red Cochin.

Mr. Ram

I havent put up a pic of our ram since we didnt know we were keeping him. Now that we know we are keeping him, here he is. He has no name. He will be our breeder for next year.
He is mean and ornery but small enough to handle ok.
He is 1/2 Jacob with Blueface and Leicester Longwool. He runs around 100 pounds. His sire,a pure 4 horned Jacob, was tiny too.

All the ladies after their fall shearing.

Daisy is in the far back, silver/black.
All black is Ebony. She has her tail. 😀
Next to Ebony is Ivory. She has her tail too.
Next to Ivory is Dixie.
Both Ebony and Ivory are our lambs born in April 2011.  Their mothers are Daisy (Ebony’s dam) and Dixie (Ivory’s dam).
Daisy and Dixie Cotswold/Blueface/Merino crosses. The lambs, Ebony and Ivory are also part Jacob/Leicester Longwools from their sire.
So yeah, they are all longwool mutts! But they give me wonderful fiber!
They weight in at 150 to 250 pounds! Daisy is the 250 pound gentle giant.

Daisy, Dixie, Ebony and Ivory.

Daisy wanting to be petted.

Its here!

Autumn has arrived in full force.
The frosty nights have returned and along with them the change of the colors!!
Green to gold for this tree.
Happy autumn everyone!!!