Sheep Info

Sheep are wonderful livestock. They have wool for clothing, meat for food, and milk to drink. They are a truly multipurpose animal. We use our sheep mostly for their wool but periodically breed them for meat.

They are fed mostly hay and wild pasture. In winter they get some sweet feed to help them keep that winter fat and thick wool growing.

We only keep 4 ewes and one ram. The ewes share their own pen, separate from the ram, with 2 shelters, so they can get out of rain and wind. The ram has his own pen with one shelter. His pen is next to the girls so he isnt lonely. In winter the sheep lay in the snow instead of in shelters. Their wool insulates so well, the snow doesnt melt where they lay.

Our sheep are sheared 2 times per year, spring and fall. We get lengths of 4-8 inches. With our sheep being longwools they grow their fiber extremely fast. Most common commercial sheep are sheared only once a year.

Our ewes lamb once every 2-3 years. They lamb in their pen without help from humans. The only time we lend a hand is if there truly is immediate trouble, which is very rare. Sheep are usually easy birthers and excellent mothers.

Our lambs do not get their tails docked. Sheep have long tails, except for a few short tailed breeds. Most sheep are docked to prevent fly-strike in large flocks. We dont worry about this as having only a few, we can trim the wool on the tails, if needed, and keep our sheep fly free.

Daisy with Ebony. 

Dixies lambs, Ivory and the ram lamb.